Product Name: CITROFLEX® A-4
Citroflex® A-4 (Acetyltri-n-butyl Citrate) is widely used as a plasticizer in food contact polymer applications. Citroflex® A-4 provides many improvements over dibutyl phthalate in cellulose nitrate films and Citroflex A-4 has shown outstanding properties as a plasticizer in vinyl toys for children offering excellent processing options, low toxicity, and a long history of use in sensitive applications. Citroflex A-4 provides improved adherence to metals, low volatility, resistance to yellowing. Citroflex A-4 has numerous listings in 21 CFR for food contact applications. Citroflex A-4 also is used in ink formulations, vinyl gloves, as a non-VOC solvent, in nitrocellulose propellants, as a plasticizer in nail polishes, adhesives and coatings. Citroflex® A-4 is effective in solution coating both paper board and foil.

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